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At New Community we’re passionate believers in the authority and importance of the Bible, and we have different tools to help you take your next steps with reading the Bible; whether you’re completely new to it, or you’ve read it multiple times, there is always more to discover. 


How do I read the Bible?

Unbreakable | Andrew Wilson

What the Son of God said about the Word of God

The Bible in 100 Pages | Phil Moore

Seeing the big picture in God’s great story


Women of the Word | Jen Wilkin

How to study the Bible with both our hearts & minds

How can I trust the accuracy of the Bible?

This helpful video from the Alpha course explains why the Bible is both trustworthy and accurate.

What Bible should I use?

The Bible was written originally in Hebrew, Greek and a bit of Aramaic, so has to be translated into English. There’s loads of great Bible translations, but at New Community we mostly use the English Standard Version (ESV). You can read it online, buy one or if you’d like to study in more depth you can get the ESV Study Bible.


Other ways to get into the Bible

You could download a Bible app or use a reading plan like the Bible In One Year or even listen to the bible in spoken word using the Streetlights app.


We especially love how the Bible Project uses videos to explain themes and specific books of the Bible.

Study the Bible in community

One of the best ways to understand, learn and apply God's word to your life is in community, which is why we started the Bible course. The Bible course runs weekly for 8 weeks, and overviews the whole story of the Bible - you'll also get to meet other people growing in the word. Whether you're new to the Bible or you’ve read it hundreds of times, expect to learn loads on this course.

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